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In a world filled with magic and riddled with war, you find yourself playing an important role. A life of spellcraft, politics and intrigue awaits you. Will you use your powers to unify the land and its people? Or shall you use them for your own personal gain and amusement, no matter the cost?

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Updated 26 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(186 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsAdult, Erotic, Fantasy, Magic, Male protagonist, Ren'Py, Turn-Based Combat


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Ataegina V0.5 PC (Act I)
Ataegina V0.5 PC (Act I) Mirror
Ataegina V0.5 MAC (Act I)
Ataegina V0.5 Mac (Act I) Mirror
Ataegina V0.5 Android (ActI)
Ataegina V0.5 Android (Act I) Mirror
Ataegina V0.9.0 >>> V0.9.1 PC (Act II) update only
Ataegina V0.9.0 >>> V0.9.1 MAC (Act II) update only
Ataegina V0.9.1 >>> V0.9.2 PC (Act II) update only
Ataegina V0.9.1 >>> V0.9.2 MAC (Act II) update only
Ataegina V0.9.2 >>> V0.9.3 PC (Act II) update only
Ataegina V0.9.2 >>> V0.9.3 MAC (Act II) update only
Ataegina V0.9.3 >>> V0.9.5 PC (Act II) update only
Ataegina V0.9.3 >>> V0.9.5 MAC (Act II) update only
Ataegina V0.9.6 PC (Act II)
Ataegina V0.9.6 PC (Act II) MIrror
Ataegina V0.9.6 MAC (Act II)
Ataegina V0.9.6 MAC (Act II) MIrror
Ataegina V0.9.6 Android (Act II)
Ataegina V0.9.6 Android (Act II) MIrror
Ataegina V0.9.5 >>> V0.9.6 PC (Act II) update only
Ataegina V0.9.5 >>> V0.9.6 MAC (Act II) update only

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And thanks again for a very great gorgeous game. Yes, you can find out why I removed the settings of the font size and text from the game, it seems that such a function was the same.

Hi, if you've already asked, I'm sorry, but you can ask pregnancy will be added to the game with all the girls, especially with aina bredita and goddesses, you can still train with aina and bredita in a place, and you can also subdue the last and make her your servant

What's update only? Which downloads should go together? I would like to try out the game, but confused which downloads go together.

Start with Act 1 (V0.5) at first. Then just grab the latest version of Act 2

Thank you, can’t wait to start the story 

Will it be possible to have a romance with Zegladar?


You might be surprised soon ;)

Dziękuje mistrzu :) (thank you master)

I have a Pixel 6 & have not been able to open the past few updates. The file it tells me to create, my phone says I can't. My phone doesn't recognise the ".the66" part of the file name.



Hey there Allen.
When the game surpassed 2gb of size some changes had to be done or android would not allow the instalation of such a "Strange" big file. 
Now to make it work make sure you are copying the big .RPA file and paste it in the -- /Android/data/org.ataegina2.the66/files/game -- folder. If the folder doesn't exist, create it.
Then run the smaller .APK file and you should be able to play, 
IF you still need help come join the discord, it's easier to help from there.


My android doesn't allow the "the66"  part of the folder name so it won't let me create it.

Apparently it's not the  "the66" thats the issue, but I don't know what is. I don't seem to have that file & can't create it. I love the game & would hate to call it quits now.

New android versions don't allow it's user to create folders, yeah they don't let you create folders in your own device... Go figure...

You'll need an app for it, like Xplore or Zarchive to create folders and move files. 

I don't have that file to paste it into. I will try to get help through discord this weekend.

I have been facing a problem since v0.9.5 i m not sure what i triggered but the quick menu is gone from my screen, so the there is no way to save, back, Qsave and all those buttons.... 

Please help if possible

Hello. Here's a link to the game's Discord https://discord.gg/xTX34vK74s You can ask for help there too

Swipe the screen left and right at the same time 2 times or more until Quick menu pop up again

after i download act 2 to my laptop it keeps telling me the file is empty anyone else having this problem 

At first, have you finished Act 1? In order to start Act 2, you have to complete Act 1 (V0.5)

yea I made it to where sloth ask you for the save name

So, you name the save, the save is created successfully, you close Act 1, open Act 2 and click START button, right?

yea but it’s keeps saying the folder itself is empty hold on I’m finna take a video and show you 

1. When you click Start button in Act 2, you get "There's nothing here, are you sure you finished Act 1?" line?

2. Try to name your save differently (and yeah, in English layout - saying just in case)

3. Ask for help here (the game's Discord) https://discord.com/invite/xTX34vK74s

4. Why did you show me a Documents folder (on the screenshot)? Saves are located in (Ataegina folder) -> game -> saves. Do your saves (especially the final one) appear there?

(1 edit)

On mine, the special save to play the 2nd part doesn't appear even though I click on start

You open Act 2 and play Start button. If you get "There's nothing here, are you sure you finished Act I?" line, then you just haven't played Act 1 to the very end where a guy called Sloth tells you how to create the save for Act 2 (or just haven't created the save)


Amazing game...too bad about the unavoidable homosexuality nonsense. As the player we should be able to choose the sexualities of the loveable characters. if that was fixed then you have the perfect game.

what do you mean gay scene? I didn't got any...

He probably means lesbian scenes between Ayna & Katriona, Ayna & Bredita

OOooh ok. Always  thought gay was for male and lesbian female. So i found it weird. In french it's true son i assumed it would be the same for english.

(1 edit)

I'm guessing you were not told lesbianism is homosexuality? bisexuality. transgenderism, lesbianism, gays, they all fall under homosexuality. The term "Homosexuality" refers to people of the same sex being romantically involved or sexually involved with one another. I found that in Pornhub, Lesbianism is put under the straight catagory...which is misleading people. 

I know what homesexuality is. I also know lesbians are homesexuals i just think gay is for male.

(1 edit)

That is true. Although Gay was originally a category for all homosexuals. the other words were to specify which kind. and brother, you misread my first comment where I said "The game features unavoidable homosexuality scenes".

oh, then sorry.

(1 edit)

Holy download files, batman! Look how many there are! And seeing some other people drop some reviews in the comments got me wondering how this will go, so I will probably also drop a review in a while or a couple days depending on how the game goes n how busy I am.

I do have to ask though... is there a spot I missed that explains the download progression? I saw one comment get a response on how you gotta play act one 0.5 first to have a save to start act 2... but I also see there's multiple update files for act 2 so like... is this procedural? Do I got 0.5 into 9.0 into 9.1 into 9.2? Or do I go from 0.5 into 9.5 directly?


Aaaaand nevermind, the initial phone warning about downloading potentially harmful stuff already makes me worry but like... why would this game need access to unrelated files and permission to *delete all files on this phone or any connected storage devices?!* this just immediately makes me uninstall it lol, that's beyond sketchy af.

At first, you finish Act 1 (V0.5). Then (the easiest and fastest way) you download the latest version of Act 2 available at the moment and when newer version arrives  (at the beginning of next month), you use "update only" file


ya, doesn't really matter, not playing a game that requires those types of permissions lol. If it was just access to certain files so it can create folders it needs, fine. It should never need to read, modify, or delete *"all files"* ever. 

(1 edit)

Hi, I like this game. But I have found two bugs and one story annoyance:

1. At least in Act2 (0.9.3) I got at many (all?) starts of fights messages about some "0", which blocked the attack of the opponent and was killed by it. I guess, a flag about someone summoned was not reset correctly.

2. In the tower room with the 7 flames, when I first was asked, if the opponent shall have more health or more attack and I choosed more attack, after been afraid it did not attack any more in the full battle. In a second try, it attacked like I would have expected. I have not tried to activate that bug again, but I think, I started the buggy one with an attack, which caused the opponent to not attack for a few turns.

3. When MC is searching for Alma, he is to much sidetracked or forgets about that too much. I was annoyed about the evening meal and the hours drinking. After that, I rejected sexual offers, which has cost sympathy with two ladies, to get to Alma faster, only to sleep alone.

But I like the story so far (my MC is good) and I am happy to see 0.9.5 is out.

I guess I'll write a short review of sorts. Liked the game enough to, also disappointed enough to.

So let me tell you this. Act I is great. I decided to play as a villain and first few hours felt like a villain apprentice should felt. Branching plot was also great, even gave me a thought of replaying this sort of game (for the first time). It was great, it was dynamic, lots of battles, some world interactions - good staff.

On the hype I downloaded Act II and, well, I was in for a ride. A very slow, uneventful ride where the goal from all out immersion reduced to just porn. Which is kinda fine, but still disappointing comparing to act I. As a bonus, the whole roleplay reduced to just amount of peasants you slaughter on thy path of coitus. Should be good for good boy/equaliser, but certainly not villain. Neither those final costume changes, nor your"mount" ain't gonna change it. Nor the girls behavioural changes options, especially so hollow.

To sum it up, I'd like to ask developer to remain ambitious. This game will most likely be released as is, and it's completely understandable. But if you ever wish to start anything new of sorts - then please remain ambitious. I can in all seriousness say that your work started on par with some serious titles - as long as writing concerned, at very least. Best of luck, and thanks for being patient with me, had you read to this part.

I haven’t downloaded it yet, but can I start a game from chapter 1 in version 9.5?

If you've never played the game, you have to complete Act 1 (V0.5) at first and only then start Act 2 (you can't start Act 2 without completing Act 1 because you don't have a special save which you get at the end of Act 1). So, you'll need both Acts



Dude, how to install 0.9.5 on Android? N wow thats new, almost 3gb just for Android

hey man, just wanted to say that this is one of my favs for sure. Looks like it's coming to an end. How much more you think is left? Any plans for another project? Thanks!

If you like this you'll also love eternum,try that as well

Thanks! Already up to date on that one too!

ah I see 

You're a man of culture lmao

For sure!

Umm i have a question i want to know if i need to download all to play it all from the begining or i just have to download the latest version btw im playing in android

At first, you have to download Act 1 (V0.5). After finishing it, you get a special save you can use to start Act 2 (you can't play Act 2 if you don't finish Act 1 properly because you don't have the save). So, you need both Acts but firstly, Act 1

Umm i finish act 1 at the end i see the sin of sloth saying i should save it so what am i gonna do now ? Please reply emmedietly i like this game i think im addicted like drugs and by the way what should i download next after 0.5

Should i directly download 9.5 or 9.0

Sloth tells you to create a save, you do so, then close Act 1 (you won't need it anymore), download and install the latest version of Act 2 (0.9.5 right at the moment), run Act 2, click START button, choose your save (the one Sloth helps you create) and here you go, you play Act 2

Just don't delete Act 1 from your device until you make sure Act 2 works properly

Sorry i dont think i can play it cause i have some android restriction idk what to do i tried almost every way i know can't get through data

What do you mean "can't get through data"? Have you allowed the game to "save and modify files"? Add details of your problem (screenshots, text and so on). Also ask for help here https://discord.com/invite/vxgUuBv (game's Discord)

I love the game. However I use a Pixel 6 with Android, the last 2 updates do not work. I tried different ways to install, the most recent update has instructions when I try to open the game, but they do not work either.


Honestly one the best games out there

Great plot ,great characters


I need help with some weird bug, for some reason the UI for the menu disappeared and i can't save or load anymore

I just randomly clicked on the screen(i play on android btw.) and now it appeared again but sometimes it just randomly disappears without me doing anything, i also tried reinstalling the game but didn't fix it

@Saciorona, I am not permitted in the area behind the sentry (nothing interesting) or the rt door (what's the password?). Only remaining option is tavern w/gambler & barmaid.

 At going to the town map, not able to choose but the starting area, a closed magic shop, and a pier (pier unable to access due to "I don't know why I'm here).

I am at an impasse.

go to the dock

(2 edits)

sorry try the bath house (circular building in the back)

though you might want to try to make some money gambling first and scare the guard away bc you have the opportunity to spend a lot of money

Hi, you can ask and the relationship with Silvana, her sister and with Al Moi and bredita can be had??

How to romance silvana? I've tried various ways and nothing works.

Hey there, Silvana is assexual. So you cannot, at least so far...


Hi, is there a Mega link for the v0.9.2? When I am directly downloading, due to some issues in my laptop/network, it shows download failed after downloading around 2-3 GB which is bothersome.
Also, when I downloaded the compressed version(around 600 mb one), it's not opening at all when i try to open it...


About the compressed version I don't know because I don't make one. For the mega link...


There you go ;)


Hi, this one is for MAC, which sadly I don't have...Is there a link for PC too?

Also, the discord link shows as expired...That's why I could not join it to look for links there.

Oh sorry, for some reason I saw Mac 🤔



Are you going to putt pregnancy in the game DEV??

Maybe 😏

Alguem me ajude nao consigo carrega ataegina 2 fiz tudo certinho n aparece o save

Estás a usar as versões originais? O Sloth disse-te que ia fazer o save para o 2º acto? Qual foi o nome que deste ao save?  Carregaste no "Start" no 2º acto?

Hi, this is a wonderful game, i just finished act 1 on android. But i have no success getting act 2 to work. For some reason it im not able to use my act 1 save in act 2. Any suggestions?

Hello. My questions

1. Did you actually create a save after the Sloth part? I mean, at the very end of Act 1

2. Did you download Act 2 from this official page or use some other website?

3. How exactly do you try to use your save file from Act 1? You run Act 2, press START button and click at your save, right?

hi thanks for replying

1. What do you mean sloth part? I downloaded the version from this site, both act 1 and 2. After i beat it, it just says ending 3,  for whom the bells tolls. Then its just credits. I have tried saving it at just the last frame you can save, but no succes. What is the sloth part? 

2  act 1 this site, and act 2 here, although ive tried using different sites for act 2 when i didnt go well the first time

3, it just says nothing, something about the lines, have you finished act 1? I cant even choose anything. I tried moving act 1 save files, to act 2 using file manager, but that didnt work.

Btw it says version 0.5

For playing Act 2, there should be no ending at all. I mean, you shouldn't get For whom the bell tolls part. Your final choice right before the ending was incorrect (for proceeding the game and playing Act 2). Change it and you'll play further right to the end of Act 1. There will be a guy called Sloth, he'll tell you to make a save file for Act 2. Then you run Act 2, click START button, choose your save file from Act 1 and here you go, Act 2 will get started. Sorry, I'm a bit in a hurry and English isn't my native language. I'll reply to you later like in 12 hours

Your problem is that you decided to become an Elite (the last choice you make before getting the ending no.3). In order to proceed, choose "I decided that I don't want to be an Elite yet". The game will go on, you'll get to the Sloth part, he'll help you create a save file for Act 2, then you'll run Act 2, click START, choose your save file (from Act 1, the save Sloth helped you create) and Act 2 will get started

Hi, it seems that you were absolutely correct. But now it still won't work :D [code]

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/act1vars.rpy", line 188, in <module>

  File "game/mpsave.rpy", line 256, in mps_save

  File "game/mpsave.rpy", line 147, in save

IOError: [Errno 20] Not a directory: u'/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.ataegina.the66/files/../../../../RenPy/Persistent/ataegina.mps.1.new'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "act1vars.rpyc", line 79, in script

  File "D:\renpy-7-sdk\renpy\ast.py", line 914, in execute

  File "D:\renpy-7-sdk\renpy\python.py", line 2028, in py_exec_bytecode

  File "game/act1vars.rpy", line 188, in <module>

  File "game/mpsave.rpy", line 256, in mps_save

  File "game/mpsave.rpy", line 147, in save

  File "renpy/persistent.py", line 438, in save

IOError: [Errno 20] Not a directory: u'/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.ataegina.the66/files/../../../../RenPy/Persistent/ataegina.mps.1.new'

Android "Unknown" API 33



Ataegina (Act I) 0.5

Fri Oct 20 15:56:11 2023


Hey there, did you allow the game to "save and modify files" in your device?Looks like you have an S21 so hardware and android versions shouldn't be an issue.

(1 edit)

Of course I was correct, I always am :-)

My suggestion for avoiding your current error with code: firstly, check what Kthulian himself wrote to you about 40 minutes ago. In case his advice doesn't help, you can try copying your saves to another folder (to not lose 'em if something terrible happens), deleting Act 1, downloading and installing it again (from this official page) and putting your saves back to your  refreshed Act 1. The catch is, you could potentially mess things up when you tried to solve your initial issue

Out of Mega & Other space. Another alternative download site please? Thanks

I usually post all the links in my discord. Also useful to report if any isn't working.



is possible to have multiple runs in Act II?, i was planing doing a evil walkthrough now that I finished Ac II with good Karma but I dont want to lose progress

By the way I am enjoying the game so much ty for ur hard work

Thank you, yes you can have several imported saves from Act I to Act II


Too vanilla.


Are the lesbian scenes avoidable? I'm a strictly straight man.


Hey, first time when I played this game was 2 years ago and I have to say that you made a lot of progress with your game. I absolutely love it and it's my favourite vn game. I hope you'll finish it one day, because I'm curious how it all will end. 

I lLove the game, humor and characters (especially Cerea, Ayna and Kat)

(1 edit)

Hello first of all I will just say I love the game. And atm I'm at act 2 around patch 0,7 I think, and the game keeps getting better and better.


That is just something that have been bothering me, WTF happen to Hatoshi I through he would be our big rival but nothing... do we get to see him in the future or is he just living his own life now?

Anyway love the game it just that small thing that keeps me up at night xD.

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you for your words, who knows... Maybe we haven't heard the last of him ;)


Hi, this is a wonderful game, i just finished act 1 on android. But i have no success getting act 2 to work. For some reason it im not able to use my act 1 save in act 2. Any suggestions?

(1 edit)

I almost doubted Jen at the start of her appearance in the story, n would only serve as a embellishment

Ur creativity deserves thumbs up in building a story, each character can get their own portion of the story. At least they are not just decoration at the beginning of their appearance xD

Its a genius way on several occasions we as 'players' can get information through stories told by certain characters. It was like when the MC with Kat to help her pick ice plants, she said that a mage have a life span that was much longer than most normal humans, or when the MC was with Bredita who said that the last wild dragon alive was in Ayna's n the rest lived in Ryo and Koneko's hometown(I hope MC can visit General Chang's wife again without being incognito, lmao)

Btw personally i like the character design of Queen Lufina, a milf with a youthful appearance(hundreds of years old maybe, with a lot of experience of course xD), Alma comes in second with a fun personality to hang out with(that's before Lust u know, Lust gaddamit u gonna pay for this b#tch!!!), the last one n only my lovely Mida with all her naughty ideas. Overall, all the characters have their own unique n personalities, and u managed to present them well. Just hope u don't change their personalities too much in the future for the sake of the story:)

Well done sir( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👍 n keep going

Thank you. I hope you enjoy the new version as well .


(1 edit)

Just came to download act I 12 minutes after act II v 0.9 came out. The Goddess of Luck upon me

How do i use my saved game in act 2?

Just press "Start" in Act II main menu.  If you reached Sloth telling you it will create a special save game during Act I they will show there. 


Deleted 145 days ago

You use "you and I" incorrectly in most cases. It's only "you and I" when the subject of the sentence, otherwise it's "you and me" or "me and you". When its used incorrectly it sounds ridiculous, like an ignorant person trying to sound sophisticated. Example, You and I are friends - Subject of sentence. Can be rewritten as "We are friends." Mom is taking you and me to the movies - Object of sentence. Can be rewritten as, Mom is taking us to the movies. Would you say "Mom is taking we to the movies"? Of course not, how ridiculous, same with saying it as "You and I" when it's the object and not the subject.


Thank you for the explanation, Sometimes it's not so easy to understand those nuances when you're not a native english speaker. Although it's the first time I'm reading that issue in the game it's always useful to know what can be improved.


sure thing. I understand and glad I could help. I've been a lifelong High School English teacher and I know how difficult it can be. By the way, I love the game. It's one of the best I've ever seen. It's so well developed and the images are beautiful. Thank you for all your effort on this. It really shows.

Thank you, I do my best. It helps when you really like what you are doing.


Hey there, I am trying and struggling to use my saved game from Act 1 and get it successfully into Act 2. I could honestly use a step by step tutorial on how to do this, I am using a pc and have downloaded both the pc update for Act 2 and the full game for Act 2 and just can't seem to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! Love the game btw

Nvm I figured it out. The game just didn't appear when I clicked "load" as expected but it did appear when I clicked "start."

Glad you figured it out :)

i want to download but I don't know which one should I download first can you guys help me

Hey there, Act I first, then when it's over download Act II 

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